Other Creative Works


Britt, M. A., & Bazar, J. L. (2014, February 19). Episode 215: What was life like in an asylum? The Psych Files Podcast. [Audio podcast]. http://thepsychfiles.com/2014/02/ep-215-what-was-life-like-in-an-asylum/

Green, C. D., Bazar, J. L., Young, J., & Burman, J. T. (2011). Mental asylums. The History of Psychology Laboratory (HooPLa!). http://www.yorku.ca/christo/podcasts/Hoopla1-Asylums.final.mp3

Dramatic Works

Bazar, J. L. (Researcher, Playwright). Ricard-Dutil, L. (Director). (2019, October 5). History Live 2019: The J. S. Woodsworth Story. Etobicoke Historical Society. Live performance at Applewood-Shaver Homestead, Etobicoke, ON.

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